Dave's Custom Baits
Established 2004
My name is David Ryan and I have been privately painting baits for myself and other
tournament fisherman for the past 15 years. Now I am offering my custom paint jobs to the
public. Like just a few others in the industry, this is my only job. I have dedicated myself to the
sport that I love. Fishing for me is much more than just a hobby. I have spent the better part of
my life with a fishing lure in my hand.


Over the past 15 years I have been studying and testing different shallow running balsa
crankbaits. After growing tired of never finding any that ran like my original "Legendary"
brass eyed baits I decided to re-create them.

Do not be fooled by those other baits on the market today that may have the appearance of
the old baits. I assure you they are not built like the old baits were.

Dave's Custom Baits proudly presents the BLACK MARKET BALSA'S!!

The Black Market Balsa's will be available in three sizes. Small (#1), Medium (#2) and
Large (#3).

These baits are hand carved, custom painted and hand tuned by David.

So that means they are ready to fish when you get them!

No more buying the old baits from auction sites that you hope will run. No more buying the
wrong colored baits from those same auction sites only to have them repainted.

You will be able to order the size you want, as well as the color that you desire!


As a competitive tournament angler I realize how crucial it is to have a quality paint job. I also
realize that paint and clear coat build-up only deadends the action of the bait. I will make a
conscious effort to paint every lure as if it were my own. The quality is what matters and the
quality is what will bring back happy customers for repeat business!!


I have a wide variety of paint schemes available. I also have one of the most durable high
gloss finishes on the market today. I have developed this technique over many years of trial
and error. My high gloss finish will not spiderweb when an errant cast takes your bait into a
dock, tree or rocks. Although, repeated abuse has an adverse effect to any and all paint jobs.

Thanks for Visiting

Dave's Custom Baits has been in business since October of 2004. We are grateful for the
patronage from all of our fantastic customers. If you are not familiar with Dave's Custom
Baits, please take a few moments and review some of the specialized services that we
provide. If you are in the market for a specialized paint job for your favorite fishing lures or
would like to try one of the most successful balsa baits on the market today, don't hesitate to
contact me personally so I may assist you with the correct color scheme or Black Market
Balsa that is right for your fishing situation.

As always, "Thank you for your interest in Dave's Custom Baits!!"

Dave's Custom Baits.
PO Box 15
Levasy, MO 64066